Getting Started - Application Administrators

What is a designation for an Application Administrator?


A designation is the action of creating a user who is an Application Administrator.  An Application Administrator is able to grant delegations in ADAM.


Confused about the roles in ADAM?  The Understanding Roles in ADAM help page will help you to better understand these.

Who can create an Application Administrator?


Only the ADAM Administrator may designate a user as an Application Administrator in ADAM.





The following matrix illustrates the ADAM Application Admin menu items available to the ADAM Administrator.  Note that the Application Administrator does not have access to these pages.


Why create Application Administrators?


Designating users as Application Administrators allows other individuals to hold, and share, the responsibility for creating appropriate delegations in ADAM.  

For example...


A new application, Invasive Alien Plant Program, is launched at the MFR.  The ADAM Administrator needs an Application Administrator to take control of creating delegations to those individuals who can authorize end user access to the application.  The ADAM Administrator feels confident that Jill Smith can take on this role.  Therefore, the ADAM Administrator logs onto ADAM and designates the following:

  • Designate User - JSMITH


  • Primary Administrator - YES

  • Effective - IMMEDIATELY

  • Expires - NEVER EXPIRES