How Do I Use This Guide?

You can access this guide by clicking the Help icon in the upper right corner of any web page (form) you are on in ADAM.  When you click this icon, a separate browser window will open on top of the ADAM window.  The browser window will display information about the page you are currently on in ADAM.

What if I want to explore this guide?


If you want to explore the guide for other information, simply click the Show link in the upper left corner on the Online Help Guide.  This will display the Table of Contents for the entire guide. Think of each small book in the Table of Contents as a chapter of the guide.  Click on the book to display the corresponding contents.  Click on a page within the book to see the contents.

What type of information is available in this guide?


Each page of the guide includes details on the corresponding web application page, including:

  • its intended use;

  • its results;

  • how to navigate to the page in the future; and

  • what steps to perform to complete business tasks.  

There is also a mock-up of each page to help you understand the various fields on that page.  You will notice that each field is a hyperlink.  

  • Clicking a hyperlink will display a pop-up window that includes what the field is and why it is important in the application.