What is ADAM?

ADAM is a web based interface which enables the granting and managing of application access for web-based (Web-ADE) applications within various ministries in B.C.

Over the past few years, many ministries in BC have transitioned existing computer based applications to the web. In addition, new applications are often web-based.  This has made performing various business functions both efficient and convenient for ministry staff and clients.  

ADAM has been created to manage the authorizations for various users within each of these web-based applications.  Authorization includes items such as:

  • What functions and features does a user have access to in the application?

  • Is the user able to enter, update, and delete information or can the user only view information?

  • Should the user be able to access only a certain organization's data within the application?

ADAM does not manage authentication.  Authentication is the process of allowing the user to enter the application web site.  This is performed via authenticating sources such as IDIR Accounts and BCeID User IDs.  Note:  These IDs are issued by Workplace Technology Services (WTS).


ADAM is responsible for setting authorizations.  Authorizations are the functions and features a user can perform in the application.  The Web Application is responsible for implementing the Authorization (i.e. asking the right questions).  ADAM is the management tool of the authorization.