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Conducting a Nursery Search


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Conducting a Nursery Search

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This section will look at the basic steps required to search for a nursery request.

Step-by-Step Instructions


Select the Search tab and select Nursery Search from the options.


Enter data into the search fields. The search has no mandatory fields, so you can search on which ever criteria you know. If you leave all the search fields blank the search results will show all nurseries. The more search parameters you enter the more precise your search results become. The data in the search fields can be entered in whichever fields and in whatever order you like.


Click the Search button. Examine the search results. The results are sorted alphabetically by Nursery Acronym.

Nursery Acronym

Each Nursery has a unique acronym which is based on the Client Number and Location Code and can be up to 8 characters long. Many of the nurseries have only one location (with a location code of 000), so the nursery acronym is the same as the client acronym. In the case where a nursery has more than one location, the nursery acronym includes a unique location identifier.

Now that you have learned how to search for a nursery request, click Forward to learn how to update and add sowing dates.
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