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Nursery Grams Adjustment
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Nurseries wishing to be efficient with seed can adjust seed on the Nursery Grams Adjustment Screen. Nurseries can select sowing requests and bring these up on one common screen where gram quantity can be adjusted downwards.
To adjust grams of nursery seed, logon to SPAR and follow these steps:

Step-by-Step Instructions


Select the Requests  tab and select Nursery Grams Adjustment from the options.


You can select sowing request based on any one of a number criteria. You must enter at least one of the following fields:

  • Request ID
  • Assigned Nursery
  • Request Agency


If you enter the Request ID all other criteria will be ignored.


Click the Go button to display request information at the bottom of the screen. If there are multiple requests that match your criteria, then each is displayed in a separate row.


To modify the grams associated with a request, click the Update button. The grams will be displayed in an editable field. You can reduce the number of grams in this field and then click the Save button to save your changes to the data.



Clicking the Details button will open the Seedling Request Screen which provides detailed information on the specific seedling request.

Now that you have read about updating your nursery grams, click Forward to see how to adjust grams of nursery seed for your nursery.
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