How To

This module is useful for you, if you would like to learn how to :

  • generate a report in BCTS Admin
  • learn about which reports to use for which purpose

Generate a Report

Follow these steps to GENERATE a report in BCTS Admin:

  1. Ensure you are properly logged onto BCTS Admin.
  2. Click the Report button on the main menu bar.
  3. The Report Parameters screen displays. This screen includes a list of search criteria you can use to generate a report. Depending on which report you are generating, you will notice that some of the search criteria are enabled (i.e. you can use them!) while others are disabled (i.e. you can't use them to narrow your report results).

    What are search criteria?

    You can think of report search criteria in the same way as you would think of filters in a search. The data you enter in the search criteria fields will narrow the results displayed in your report. For example:

    • if you use the Client Number search criteria field by entering a Client Number, your report will only display results for that specific client.
    • if you want to show all active files, you need to use the date range search criteria fields. Simply enter the From Date as tomorrow's date & the To Date as tomorrow's date + 2 years and your report will include all active files.

  4. Use the drop-list at the top of the screen to select the report you wish to generate.
    • If you are unsure of which report to select, click here to access the Report Matrix. This matrix provides a description of each report and information on when the report should be used as well as useful tips.
  5. You can now enter the available search criteria.
    • Client No - this is the registrants client number (from the CLIENT SYSTEM).
    • Timber Sale No - this is the number assigned to the Timber Sale in the FTA SYSTEM.
    • TSO - this is the Timber Sale Office.
    • Category Code - indicates whether or not the registrant has a mill.
    • Mill Type - indicates whether or not the registrant has a Debarker Chipper or an Exemption.
    • Expiry From Date - this is the beginning date for the Expiry Date range. The date that the registrant status changes to expired.
    • Expiry To Date - this is the end date for the Expiry Date range. The report will display all records that expire between the from and to date.

  6. Is it possible to set a search criteria field to "All"?

    Some of the search criteria drop-list contain "All" as a selection option. If you select this option, the report will display all data for that search criteria. For example, if you set the TSO search criteria to "All" your report will generate results for every TSO in BC.

    There is one search criteria field that does not have "All" as a selection option. This is the Client No. search criteria. If you would like to generate the report for all clients, you must enter a "*" in this search criteria.

  7. Click the Preview button to examine the report. There is also a Cancel button. If you selected the wrong report or search criteria, you can click the Cancel button to clear this screen.


Sample Screen

You can see a sample of the Report Parameter screen by clicking on the computer!

Congratulations, you have completed the BCTS Admin Quick Start Tutorial. You are now ready to start using BCTS Admin. If you would like to return to the BCTS Training Site, click here.