Getting Started - Agreements

What is an agreement?


An Electronic Agreement is an agreement that a user must accept prior to being able to use an application.

There are two types of agreements you should be aware of:

  • User Agreement - any user accessing a Web-ADE Application, may need to agree to a User Agreement.  This agreement will be displayed the first time the user tries to log on to the application.  To learn more, visit the About User Agreements page.



  • Delegation Agreement - ADAM Users who have been delegated as Authorization Grantors may need to agree to a Delegation Agreement prior to performing authorizations in ADAM .  The agreement ensures that the user understands his/her responsibilities as an Authorization Grantor.  To learn more, visit the About Delegation Agreements page.

    • It is up to the discretion of the Application Administrator (who creates the delegation) to determine whether or not he/she requires the Authorization Grantor to agree to a Delegation Agreement.  It is strongly recommended that consultants doing business on behalf of industry clients be required to accept a delegation agreement for each organization on whose behalf they do business.



Agreements & Organizations

If you have been delegated as an Authorization Grantor for a single organization, then acceptance of a single agreement may be required.

However, if you have been delegated as an Authorization Grantor for multiple organizations, then acceptance of an agreement for each organization may be required.

Therefore, you may find it helpful to think of Delegation Agreements as Organization Agreements.


How do I know if I need to accept a User Agreement?


You will be prompted with a User Agreement pop-up window the first time you log on to an application.


You may examine the My Agreements page in ADAM to determine if you have an agreement which has not been accepted.

Where do I accept an agreement?


You may accept a User Agreement directly from the pop-up window that appears the first time you log on to an application.  

You must use ADAM to accept a Delegation Agreement.  This is completed by using the Manage Acceptance page in ADAM.

Who can accept an agreement?


The agreement must be accepted by the user it is assigned to.

What happens if an agreement is NOT accepted?


If an agreement is NOT accepted, the user will be unable to perform tasks associated with the agreement.