What is BCTS Admin used for?

The BCTS Admin system allows you to:

  • Browse or edit Timber Sale Registrants - stores client information for individuals who want to bid on Timber Sales.
  • Browse or edit Timber Sales - tracks relevant details for each Timber Sale issued by BCTS in each Timber Sales Office.
  • Browse or edit Registrants who bid on Timber Sales - stores information related to each bid on a given Timber Sale.
  • Check the eligibility of Registrants who bid on Timber Sales - tracks eligibility information including whether a client is eligible to be awarded a Timber Sale should s/he be the successful bidder.
  • Generate Reports - provides reporting functionality that lets users easily see data from within the system.

Who uses the data in BCTS Admin?

It is important that you enter and update data in BCTS Admin in a timely fashion. There are other users that also need to examine, analyze and use this same data!

Resource Clerks

Resource Clerks in Timber Sales Offices will use BCTS Admin to enter data for their TSO. They may also use BCTS Admin to view data for other TSO's. For example, when checking on the eligibility of a registrant, they may need to see if the registrant has any successful bids in another TSO.

Business Officers

Business Officers may use BCTS Admin to help with their planning functions for their TSO.

Business Analysts

Business Analysts may use the data in BCTS Admin to analyze Timber Sale patterns & bid amounts. This data may be used for determining information for future Timber Sales.

Ministry of Provincial Revenue

The Forest Revenue Branch, Ministry of Provincial Revenue, needs to keep track of all financial data related to Timber Sales in BC.

Why was BCTS Admin built?

BCTS Admin was built to improve the capture and flow of data for Timber Sales Offices. All of the data is stored in a central database, so every Timber Sales Office can have access to seeing this data. BCTS Admin replaces the Small Business Registry portion of FTAS which the Ministry was retiring due to outdated technologies.

How does data flow through the system?

Understanding how data flows through the system will help you to understand why key fields are important to get right the first time you enter the data. Click here for a picture of how your data moves through BCTS Admin and for an understanding of the key data fields in each business function.

How does data flow into and out of the system?

For the most part, data is inputted into BCTS Admin by Resource Clerks in Timber Sales Offices throughout BC. However, it is important to realize that BCTS Admin also interacts with other computer systems in the Ministry of Forests, and the data is used by other individuals. Click here to see a diagram that explains the data flow.

Show Me

This is your opportunity to see in motion an overview of BCTS Admin. This demo is recommended for the following audiences:

  • First time BCTS Admin users - (I don't know how to navigate in BCTS Admin - or I'm used to the old system...)
  • Users needing a refresher - (I knew how to do it 12 months ago, but...)

Demonstration of an Overview of BCTS Admin Navigation

The Overview of BCTS Admin Navigation will walk you through the steps you need to find your way around BCTS Admin. The demo is a movie that you watch! If your computer has sound capabilities, turn your volume on and you will be able to hear the sound that accompanies the movie.

When you are ready to begin, click the binoculars!



Are you having trouble viewing the demo?

Can't see the screen? If you can't see the bottom part of the demo or navigation try pressing your F11 key. It narrows your browser tool bar giving your screen more space to play the demo. To return back from this state press F11.

Click here for other set-up instructions and to learn about demo navigation.


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