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Knowledge Solutions is pleased to offer you the following project samples. Please contact us for further information on any of these projects or for additional projects completed by Knowledge Solutions.

SPAR Update
Knowledge Solutions worked with the Ministry of Forests, Tree Improvement Branch to update the SPAR Tutorial to explain how to use new functionality in the SPAR System. This tutorial is frequently completed by internal and external clients as an integral tool to learning how to use SPAR efficiently to complete key business tasks.
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VIHA E-Workbook
The E-Workbook was developed to guide learners through the adoption of the Vancouver Island Health Authorities practice change implementation methodology. It was constructed in a modular design to ensure that both basic and advanced learners were able to quickly obtain the information they required. This workbook was primarily designed as an online tool, but also included print functionality.

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BCTS Admin
The BCTS Admin Quick Start Tutorial was developed to guide users through the process of using the BCTS Admin Application (Ministry of Forests, BC Timber Sales). It included in-depth instructions and demonstrations of how to complete business processes used in the BC Timber Sale bidding process. Sound was included to enhance the demonstrations.
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Authority Delegation and Management Application (ADAM)
We have developed a number of Online Help Guides for various web-based applications.  These guides are context sensitive and often include flash based simulations of the software.  These guides are useful for quick reference within an application and are designed to encompass both system and business processes.  The following is a sample of a guide for the Authority, Delegation, and Management (ADAM) application which is currently used by a number of BC Provincial Government clients.

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Specialized Passenger Safety Management
Knowledge Solutions was contracted jointly by BC Ferries and Marine Atlantic to develop a training course to meet new Transport Canada regulatory requirements covering passenger safety responsibilities of ship officers.

We developed a 2 day training program that contained a mix of classroom lectures, videos and hands-on activities. The materials developed to support delivery of the training included a Participant Manual, a Facilitator Guide with overheads and a comprehensive evaluation package. The course was piloted in both Nova Scotia and British Columbia and audited by Transport Canada in both locations. The course was approved by Transport Canada and is now an accredited course which provides successful candidates with a nationally recognized “Specialized Safety Management” Certificate.

In addition to creating the 2 day Specialized Passenger Safety Management Course, Knowledge Solutions was also contracted by BC Ferries to develop a 2 day Passenger Safety Management Course covering the regulatory responsibilities of all personnel aboard a vessel. This course has a similar structure to the Specialized Passenger Safety Management Course and was also audited and approved by Transport Canada. This course is currently being implemented across the BC Ferries fleet.


Terminal Operations Supervisory Skills Training
We have worked with BC Ferries on a number of courses over the years.  The Terminal Operations Supervisory Skills Training course was developed in consultation with numerous internal and external subject matter experts.  This four day classroom course provides new and relief terminal supervisors with the skills they need to transition and fulfill their dynamic role as a supervisor.  This course was piloted in the summer of 2007 and is currently being implemented at all major and minor terminals.

Forest Tenure Administration (FTA) Training Program
Knowledge Solutions has been engaged to design and develop a training program for the FTA Application. FTA is a web-based application which is used by the Ministry of Forests and Range to manage various types of tenures within the province of B.C. The training focuses on providing learners with the skills to utilize the application during the business processes they are accountable for performing. Training materials are constructed from a business process perspective and delivered via online and in person classroom sessions. Work on this project began in 2005 and will continue through 2009.
This initiative included the design and development of a province-wide training package to support the roll-out of new forestry legislation. Thirty-nine training sessions were held throughout the province, within 2 days of the amendments coming into force, providing more than 3,600 resource practitioners with a consistent understanding of the new legislation. This was the first training session in the Ministry of Forests to use recorded presentations in such a large and high profile training initiative. The training was highly successful, based on measured feedback from participants and facilitators.

IT Training Strategy
Knowledge Solutions was engaged by the Ministry of Forests to provide written recommendations for a corporate systems training framework (complete training development lifecycle) and strategy upon which data, business and system applications training can be designed, developed, and built. The focus of the recommendations was on providing a uniform and consistent approach to application training. The framework was based on blended training delivery and incorporated the technologies that the Ministry had already invested in (i.e. on-line classroom and web based training).


BCeID Product Training Strategy and Implementation Framework
Knowledge Solutions was contracted by the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services to assess the current state of training related to the BCeID products and provide recommendations for future training initiatives in the form of a training strategy and implementation framework.  Consultation with key stakeholders and target user groups was utilized to gather feedback on training tools and methodologies used during the rollout of two BCeID products.  The recommendations formulated from these consultations were then applied during the rollout of the third BCeID product.  In addition, an implementation framework was developed to provide realistic recommendations for the implementation of the training tools and methodologies outlined in the strategy.  The framework recognized the short and long term needs of the BCeID Program while considering Ministry budget and resource constraints.



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