"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced."

John Keats

Knowledge Solutions offers a range of customized training services. We understand that while e-learning solutions are best for some learning environments, others require a more traditional classroom-based approach. We will work with you to determine which solutions makes the most sense for your organization.

Traditional Classroom Sessions
  Knowledge Solutions has extensive experience developing classroom based training solutions. Our service offerings include:
  • Facilitator Guides
  • Participant Guides
  • Quick Reference Materials
  • Train-the-Trainer Sessions
  • Evaluation Frameworks
Web-based Tutorials
  Knowledge Solutions has extensive experience developing web-based tutorials that range from half an hour to 2 hours. Web-based tutorials can be a cost effective solution to your training requirement.
Online Help
  We have worked with various applications to produce effective Online Help solutions. Our approach creates an Online User Guide that is a comprehensive just-in-time learning tool for application users.
Blended Learning
  Knowledge Solutions has extensive experience developing training programs which blend traditional training approaches such as classroom training and one-on-one support, with e-learning approaches including web classes, web-based training and application simulations. A blended approach to training is often the ideal solution for an organization looking to improve training cost effectiveness while providing a transition to a web-based training environment.
Synchronous Training using Virtual Learning Environments
  Knowledge Solutions has developed a number of training programs which have been successfully delivered via an online synchronous environment. These solutions have often been adopted by clients looking to reach a geographically dispersed audience.
Training-Needs Analysis
  We work with your organization to determine your training requirements. Whether you are training on a new application or a change in legislation or business process, we will identify your training needs and recommend customized training solutions to fit your timelines and budget.


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