About Us

Knowledge Solutions is an educational company focused on collaborating with our clients to create customized and thoughtful learning solutions.  We strive to create purposeful training which allows employees, partners and organizations an opportunity for growth. 

Laura is a seasoned project manager and corporate learning expert. She brings over 30 years of consulting experience working with a variety of clients in numerous sectors.  Laura’s project management approach engages stakeholders and leverages the vast knowledge implicit within the organizations she works with.  Her work has included leading large, medium and small-scale training and corporate learning projects from design through to implementation.  Laura’s creative flair and outside the box thinking has allowed her to guide clients to practical yet innovative learning solutions.  Laura has a wealth of experience in designing corporate learning strategies, training needs analysis, instructional design, development, implementation and post implementation reviews.


Julie brings over 20 years of experience in providing thoughtful learning solutions to her clients.  With her extensive experience in training needs analysis, instructional design and curriculum development she enjoys translating client’s learning needs from concept to reality.  Her analytical skills combined with her learner centric approach allows her to meet her client’s requirements whether big or small.  She is passionate about engaging client stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure the solutions provided are a catalyst for growth and learning within the culture of each client site.  She has proven project management skills and experience in the design, development and implementation of eLearning, blended learning and face-to-face training initiatives.