Our Approach

Knowledge Solutions believes strongly in client led solutions.  Our proven track record has shown that a strong focus on client involvement in the full training cycle leads to successful learning outcomes.  This includes: 


We believe strongly in a creating a solid design document prior to starting any learning initiative.  A design helps build consensus on requirements and provides a clear path to take concept to reality.


We place high value on the intrinsic knowledge that our clients already hold.  We extensively engage subject matter experts in learning material development and we draw out best practices from the expertise in your organization.


Successful learning initiatives have a solid rollout plan which often includes a pilot and post pilot analysis. Our deliverables are handed off to clients with a focus on knowledge transfer and ease of maintenance.

Post Implementation Review

We believe a post-implementation review is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of training.  We build evaluation tools including assessments and surveys into the training, and analyze the results to measure how the training is meeting its original objectives.  These metrics provide guidance on how to improve future iterations of the training.