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Chapter Two: Get Organized
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• Introduction • Get Organized Checklist • Review Development Work • Identify Essential Elements • Plan Evaluation • Summary
IntroductionVancouver Island Health Authority

This chapter will prepare you to "get organized" with your implementation project. The chapter will walk you through the tasks and tips you need to keep in mind once you decide you are ready to begin your implementation. If this is your first time through the tutorial, please visit "Chapter One - Overview" before you start this chapter.


By completing this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to get started on your implementation;

  • Why it is important to review the development work;

  • How to identify the elements essential to a successful implementation;

  • What to consider for an effective evaluation.

This chapter is expected to take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. If possible, try to complete this chapter in one sitting.

Completion Time: 15 Minutes

Note: The "clock" icon indicates the time to complete the chapter, it does not indicate the actual time to complete that component of your implementation.

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