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Practice Change Implementation Workbook: Workbook Library
Workbook LibraryVancouver Island Health Authority

Welcome to the VIHA Implementation Workbook Library. On this page, you will find links to many resources that can assist you with your implementation. These resources include:

Workbook Library
  • Readings - the suggested readings may include
    recommendations from other implementation
    manuals, articles, journals or websites.

  • Contacts - the contacts will put you in touch with
    individuals in VIHA who can help you.

  • Worksheets - the worksheets and templates
    provide an easy format for specific work
    documents or items so you don't have to
    "reinvent the wheel."
Library Resouce Available

Important Note: Recall that the "open-book" icon is used throughout the workbook to indicate a resource in this library.

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Resource Files
 Professional Practice Office (PPO) Documents
  Assessing Implementation Readiness--File
  Blank Program Logic ModelFile--
  Checklist of Initiating a Task GroupFileFile
  Organizational Development & Leadership--File
  Dissemination of Standard Information--File
  Issues and Questions to Consider when Developing an Evaluation Plan--File
  List of Relevant Websites--File
  Logic Model Accountability--File
  Navigating the Organization - VIHA Resource List--File
  Options for a Final Report - Evaluation--File
  Overview Checklist for VIHA Implementation Projects File File
  PPO Stewardship AgreementFileFile
  Proposal for ChangeFileFile
  Sample for End Users Process and Structure EvaluationFile--
  Supporting Documentation for Standard Implementation--File
 Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) Documents
  Action Plan TemplateFileFile
  Budget WorksheetFileFile
  Budget Template (In an MS Excel Spreadsheet)Excel--
  Environmental Readiness Assessment WorksheetFileFile
  Indicator IdentificationFileFile
  Sample Budget--File
  Stakeholder Assessment ToolFileFile
 Centre of Excellence in Learning (CEL) Documents
  Developing a Learning PlanFileFile
  Strategic Communication During ChangeFileFile
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